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Mid Winter Beach Training

It’s that time again, we would love to see everyone and extend the invitation to all students and dojo’s.

Schedule for the weekend:

  • Saturday 17 June – 1:00 pm, Nidan Black Belt Promotion, Black Belts only to attend.
  • Sunday 18 June – 8:00 am, Black Belt class at the dojo, Black Belts only to attend.
  • Sunday 18 June – 10:00 am, Beach Training for all students and all Seido dojo visitors welcome.


Bring a towel. East end of Caroline Bay (Skating rink end). Followed by lunch at the dojo.

Kagami Biraki - Beach Training 2023

Kagami Biraki for all club members and visiting dojos.

Beach Training, 5th February, Caroline Bay (West Side – CBay End) 10 am, bring a towel.